There is no best.
There is only better.

We are the leading independent management consultancy in ASEAN, a fusion of traditional strategic acumen and cutting-edge technological insights.

Since our inception in the Philippines in 2005, we have evolved from a software-centric firm to a full-spectrum consultancy, integrating expertise in strategy, corporate finance, digital transformation, smart infrastructure (IoT), and cybersecurity.

Our approach is characterized by a deep commitment to Sustainable Agility.

We pride ourselves on our ASEAN roots and diverse leadership team, with a vision to expand our impact across the region and globally.

At O&B, we partner with clients to navigate complex business landscapes, leveraging our extensive network and knowledge to drive growth, resilience, and transformative change.

"Only Better", we embody the continuous improvement principle of Kaizen, ensuring our solutions not only meet but exceed the dynamic needs of today's business world.

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