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The best Java developers in the Philippines

Orange & Bronze Software Labs has architected and built huge mission-critical systems, many handling millions of daily transactions for multibillion-dollar companies all over the world.

We have also built creative new products for ambitious startups all over the world, nimbly keeping up with their rapid changes in requirements. We are fanatical about enterprise design best practices and Agile Software Development, which we have been practicing since our inception in 2005.

O&B has over a hundred seasoned software engineers and software architects, specializing in Spring, Grails, Spring Roo and Hibernate. Many of our developers and architects have been using these technologies since their earliest versions.

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Scrum Is Not Enough

Even if teams are actively exchanging feedback with stakeholders and trying to deliver in short sprints, the output of the sprints are often not potentially shippable. Bugs plague the output, and when one bug gets fixed, three more take its place.

Agile embraces short deliveries and accommodating change, but those are impossible without sound engineering practices. Agile teams deliver software at the end of each sprint that is solid - very few defects, even if each sprint accommodates massive changes.

The only way to do this is through disciplined Agile Engineering practices - Test-Driven Development, Object-Oriented Design, Continuous Integration, etc. Teams write even the smallest unit of code in ways that catch defects early on, and in ways that easily and safely accommodate changes.

We have espoused Agile Engineering from the very beginning of O&B's existence. It is a point of pride of each of our teams to keep our codebase near-defect-free and deployable, not just at the end of each sprint, but at any given time. Our clients may or may not care about Agile, but they care about the results of the software they receive from us - solid software on which they can trust their business.

Our Process

What is Agile Engineering?

Orange & Bronze is one of the first companies in Asia to use and advocate Agile Software Development. We have been using it since our inception in 2005, back when Agile was still an emerging movement.

We believe that software development requires a collaborative environment where the software can start and evolve into a useful and strategic system. A common vision between O&B and the client is essential to have an effective collaborative environment. This, along with constant communication and repeated testing, ensures that the project will be delivered on time, all the time.

Company Leadership

The management team of Orange and Bronze is made up of professionals with years of experience in software development and consulting services.

Calen Legaspi Calen Martin Legaspi CEO, Co-founder
Lorenzo Dee Lorenzo Dee VP, Consulting Services
Kathleen Fonacier-Garcia Kathleen Fonacier-Garcia Head, Sales and Marketing
Llouela Joy Sanchez-Argudo Llouela Joy Argudo Head, Human Resources and Administration

Only The Best Of The Best

We find the best programming talent. Despite the highly-competitive recruitment environment, we only accept around 3% of applicants. That's because they have to go through a rigorous programming test which weeds out around 90% of applicants. We then screen out the remaining applicants via a series of interviews that look for love of programming, work ethic and leadership, which eliminates many more.

Careers & Growth

Each developer is assigned a senior mentor to provide one-on-one support for his/her growth. Frequent training courses and knowledge-sharing sessions are provided to developers, including our Enterprise Architect's Boot Camp for more senior developers. There are also numerous other activities that provide avenues for learning, such as hackathons and other competitions.

Working with Orange & Bronze Software Labs definitely means to be impressed with the people you work with - highly professional, passionate, highly-skilled engineers and analysts that genuinely want to see your company to succeed.

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Connecting Local Developers

O&B supports local developer communities by organizing meet-ups, participating as resource speakers for conferences, and sponsoring tech events. We have partnered and worked with various developer groups, including the Philippine Java Users Group, Google Technology Users Group, Spring Users Group, DevCon, Ubuntu Users Group and Philippine Groovy/Grails Users Group.

Industry & Government Partnerships

O&B bridges the industry-academe gap by partnering with industry and government associations. Through our partnership with the Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA) and the Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators (PSITE), we provide free training and enablement workshops to empower IT educators. The goal of these training courses is to develop a core community of educators who can better prepare their students for the requirements of the industry.

Academe Partnership

O&B has consistently supported Philippine universities in educating students about industry best practices in an effort to uplift the standards of Computer Science education. Our experts are among the most active industry resources for career seminars and technology talks.

Our activities with the country's academic community include the O&B Internship Program, the Faculty Immersion Program, and a scholarship program.


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