Who We Serve

Key Industry Verticals

Banking, Finance and Insurance

Maya (formerly PayMaya) - Fintech/Payments Gateway

ING - Retail Banking Mobile App and Online Services
BDO - Customer Lending Portal and Outbound Fund Transfer System

US-based Insurance-Tech Company - Health Insurance Marketplace

GoHealth - Health Insurance Application and Comparison

PNB Life - Life Insurance System


Champ - Cargospot System Migration
Vistracks - IoT Transport Telemetry System
Al Naghi - company-wide information system that includes inventory
WebFM - Issue-Tracking System


SMART - Prepaid Load System
UTBox - Global Fax-Routing System
PLDT - PIN2B service for OFWs, Mobile Promo subscription services (Malaysia and Taiwan), Malaysia Data Service Project

Our Success Stories

Fintech/Payments Gateway


(formerly Paymaya, formerly PLDT / Smart Money)

Mobile payment gateway was developed in 40 weeks, on-schedule
Trained & advised in adoption of project-management & engineering practices
Customized annual cadetship program for new hires of one of the largest payment gateways in the Philippines


Built a portal that allows BDO users to access features such as single-sign- on for all BDO retail banking services, viewing of billing statements, payment and enrolment of bills online, and card inquiries
Customized an online portal that helps BDO users update consumer loan application forms
Deployed portal within CLG’s given timeframe


Automated outbound remittance operations, which integrates the core functionalities of eight existing systems to a consolidated Java enterprise application
Covers creation, verification, and approval of transactions up to transmittal of messages to other external applications like SWIFT
Covers creation, verification, and approval of transactions up to transmittal of messages to other external applications like SWIFT

Retail Banking Mobile App and Online Services

Provided a 15-person QA team
Tested all of ING’s retail bank’s releases, across many teams

Often had to hit very tight deadlines due to late code deliveries and heavily packed release schedules

Consistently exceptional CSAT scores over 2+ years

Digital Library System

Created a digital inventory for their physical library
Also serves as a repository for TRADOC’s training videos
Project completed swiftly (1 month) with no delays, and within budget

Medical Billing System

Developed product suite, which allowed doctors to accurately input codes for diagnosis and treatment
The system prevented human error and allowed more efficient insurance claims
Accessible though web, desktop, and mobile devices

Ordering System

Created customizations and variations for each of the fast-food companies that Tillster serviced
Technologies used include: Spring Framework, Hibernate, ExtJS

Health Insurance Marketplace

Created a web-based system allowing US users to apply simultaneously with various health insurance providers and instantly receive quotes.
Users can select which health insurance provider they want and purchase the insurance then and there
Customized the marketplace in a way that applied different types of forms for each of the 50 US states, in order to comply with the differing laws of each state

Issue-Tracking System

Created a system for multiple users to simultaneously document the various concerns of a construction project
Serves as a maintenance system for the building after the project has been delivered
Made use of Backbone.js (Javascript/AJAX) framework for the frontend; Spring and Hibernate frameworks in the backend

Air Cargo Software Migration

Migrated Cargospot – the world’s most widely used cargo software – and its codes onto an EJB3-based architecture without breaking any of the clients.
Wrote numerous automated tests to simulate calls from its over one hundred clients to mitigate risks
Wrote the minimum amount of code needed to satisfy the automated tests, and successfully migrated the system in 2 months

Skills Evaluation and Training for a US Retail Subsidiary

Skills Evaluation Toolkit: Skills assessment (pre-training), grades, behavioral feedback
Java Bootcamp Training
Better evaluation for IT staff

Agile Training for US-based foreign aid institution

Large scale database project
Customized “Introduction to Agile” Training for Philippine-based software developers