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Transactions are just a starting point. We are strategic advisors in the C-Suite, offering expert guidance in capital advisory, M&A, and governance.

We help our clients effectively manage and leverage digital transformation, cybersecurity, and emerging market challenges.

— Mark Forsyth, Managing Partner, Alamat Capital

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At O&B, we don't just advise on transactions; we craft bespoke financial engineering solutions that align with your long-term strategic goals. Our approach integrates advanced digital strategies, ensuring that your financial undertakings are not only profitable but also future-proof and technologically advanced.

We leverage strategic insights and deep market understanding from our collaborative work with Alamat Capital.

Our expertise covers:

  • Capital Advisory: We offer tailored advice on capital structuring and optimization, guiding businesses towards financial stability and growth.
  • Capital Raise: We excel in securing funding for business expansion and innovative projects, navigating the complexities of capital markets with finesse.
  • Local Business Partner Acquisition: Our deep insights and strong networks across ASEAN enable us to identify and secure valuable local partnerships, fostering regional growth and integration.
  • Banking Expertise: Our team's extensive knowledge in banking provides a solid foundation for all financial ventures, ensuring sound strategies and robust financial structures.
  • Due Diligence: Our meticulous approach to due diligence ensures that every investment and financial decision is well-informed, minimizing risk and maximizing returns.
  • Strong Networks Across ASEAN: Leveraging our extensive networks across the ASEAN region, we connect clients with the right opportunities and partnerships, vital for successful cross-border transactions and expansions.

Whether it's navigating complex mergers, facilitating cross-border investments, or structuring capital for groundbreaking initiatives, our Corporate Finance team is equipped to deliver exceptional outcomes, driving growth and sustainable value for our clients.

digital strategy

We assist CEOs, CFOs, Private Equity, and Family Fund Managers in crafting strategic digital roadmaps:
  • Finance-led Digital Transformation: Our approach aligns digital initiatives with financial performance, bolstering asset value and operational efficiency.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Leveraging IoT-based analytics, we provide insights to refine financial and investment strategies.
  • IT Governance & Risk Management: Ensuring digital strategies comply with governance standards and effectively manage risks.
  • Cybersecurity: Integrating advanced cybersecurity measures to safeguard digital and financial assets.
  • Innovative Financing for Digital Transformation: We guide in structuring financial solutions that underpin technological investments, stimulating growth in shareholder value, and competitive edge.
  • ESG Metrics: We leverage smart IoT devices and building management systems to help your businesses develop near-realtime ESG metrics and analytics, which can intelligently optimise energy, water and other resource consumption patterns both locally, and across entire property portfolios, ensuring a sustainable and socially responsible approach to business growth.


At O&B, we see Mergers and Acquisitions as a cornerstone of strategic growth, especially within the ASEAN region. Our M&A advisory services focus on:
Crafting M&A Strategies: Aligning acquisitions with your global growth vision.
Enhanced Due Diligence: Providing rigorous, data-driven evaluations to identify synergies and prepare for successful integrations.
Post-Merger Integration: Implementing effective strategies to realize the full potential of acquisitions.
Guiding Divestitures and Spin-offs: Maximizing value and ensuring smooth transitions for sustainable growth.
We aspire to develop a comprehensive, repeatable M&A model, elevating our services to match global standards and client expectations.

Sustainability & social impact

At O&B, our commitment to sustainability and social impact is intertwined with the principles of Stakeholder Capitalism, as championed by the World Economic Forum, and Professor Klaus Schwab.
  • Sustainable Business Practices: We advise on implementing business practices that balance economic growth with environmental care and social well-being.
  • Impact Investment Strategies: Our strategies are designed to generate financial returns alongside meaningful social and environmental impacts. We proudly maintain ongoing consulting engagements that advance education and financial inclusion outcomes across ASEAN.
  • ESG and Stakeholder Capitalism: Integrating ESG factors into business strategies, we align with the Stakeholder Capitalism model, promoting business practices that maximise value for all stakeholders – communities, employees, customers, and shareholders alike.
Our advisory services are designed to foster a model where economic success and societal progress are interlinked. This approach ensures that businesses not only thrive financially but also contribute positively to the environment and community, creating enduring value for all stakeholders.

governance transformation

Our governance framework equips boards with best practices and essential structure that enables adaptive leadership in a time of accelerating change.

Our combination of financial and technological expertise helps create a culture of excellence at the board level, transforming legacy corporate governance structures to properly handle value creation and value protection in areas such as:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Asset Management,
  • Cybersecurity,
  • Business Continuity
  • ESG measurement
  • Risk Management

 Our expertise extends across various industries, providing tailored advice to enhance governance structures and decision-making processes.

Meet our Strategy & Corporate Finance Team

Mark Forsyth
Mark Forsyth
Managing Partner, Alamat Capital
Strategy & Corporate Finance Director, O&B
Adam Breen
Adam Breen
Chief Executive Officer, O&B
Senior Partner, Alamat Capital
Elross Pangue
Fintech, Open Banking, Lean Startup
Maegan Gabriana
Corporate Finance, Real Estate Investment