Mobile Fintech for Third-World Countries

A mobile fintech company needed a range of services to revive a failed project and bring it to completion.

Project Rescue Advising Solutioning Training
[ The Challenge ]

A Project Rescue

In 2010, a global top-two credit card network partnered with a Philippine telco to develop Fintech products for third-world countries. The telco’s first attempt was a failure, and O&B was called in to rescue the initial project. O&B was given six months, but team delivered in six weeks, with minimal production issues.

Java developers coding a fintech product
[ The Advice ]

Performance Testing & Analysis

O&B was then called in to review the performance of the telco’s payment gateway. O&B set up automated processes to load test the system and identify bottlenecks. O&B determined that the current payment gateway will not be able to perform to expected loads. O&B was then subsequently commissioned to redesign and rebuild the payment gateway from scratch.

[ The Answer ]

Solutioning & Development

O&B deployed an enlarged team for the payment gateway development. The team used Agile practices such as Iterative Development and Test-Driven Development, to work closely with stakeholders, validate requirements, and deliver quality. Projects were delivered to the satisfaction of both the telco and the credit card network.

[ Training & Advice ]

Process, Technology & Culture

O&B’s practices left an impression on the telco, and requested advice and training to adopt Agile Software Development, Software Engineering practices, Java best practices, and the Spring and Hibernate frameworks. O&B provided telco with both training and advisory services on the mentioned topics over several years.

[ Our Future ]

Continuing Relationship

Telco later spun off the Fintech products, including the payment gateway, into a separate subsidiary, where Agile Software Development became the norm. O&B continues to provide extensive software development and training services to this Fintech subsidiary. The subsidiary has launched and continues to launch several successful Fintech products, many in partnership with both top-two global credit card networks.


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