Bringing fintech solutions for two major players in the Philippines

A Philippine telco and a global credit card company needed a mobile payment gateway to be deployed in developing countries.


Quickly assemble a team to develop a fintech product

The telecommunications company pioneered a very successful mobile payment product in the Philippines. The company wanted to expand its usage by exploring overseas opportunities. They partnered with a global credit card company to grow the user base outside the country.

The telco did not have enough in-house resources to work on the project. They weighed the pros and cons of hiring versus outsourcing the work. The product manager and development head knew that if they decided to outsource, they had to be discerning in choosing the correct vendor to hire. The criteria included finding a team with domain knowledge, a proven track record in Java software engineering, and a team who can assimilate their development culture while providing recommendations for improvement. They wanted a team who can collaborate closely with all the stakeholders and deliver quickly without sacrificing quality.


Outsource development to a company with intensive experience in the fintech space

After deliberation, they decided that outsourcing made the most sense in terms of timing and cost. After screening numerous vendors, the telco found a match in Orange and Bronze. O&B had the qualities they were looking for - a team with the Java programming skill set they needed, knowledge of the Agile methodology that can help them go-to-market sooner rather than later, and the correct mindset to get the job done efficiently.

O&B was involved from beginning until the end of the project - they worked closely with the product owner to gather the requirements and provide estimations. From there, O&B’s software architect and developers started development work. The O&B team was composed of a software architect, business analysts / testers, junior and mid-level software developers.


Mobile payment gateway was developed in 40 weeks.

The O&B team delivered the product on-schedule. The system allows mobile network operators to provide a mobile payment gateway that connects with the credit card firm. Mobile network operators partner with financial institutions to connect mobile numbers with bank accounts and credit card accounts, making it easier for merchants and consumers to do business even without a POS. The system is currently deployed in India, Egypt, Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia, and several other countries are planned in the future.


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