Providing cost savings to a medical billing software company in the US

A Texas-based company decreases software development costs by hiring an offshore development team.

Staff Augmentation

Company needed to expand development efforts but did not have the bandwidth to hire full time employees

Medical Device Technologies, Inc. (MDTech), located in Texas, developed a medical billing system that allowed doctors to accurately input codes for diagnosis and treatment, preventing human error and allowing for more efficient insurance claims. Access was available through web, desktop and mobile devices.

MDTech needed to enhance their product with additional features, and thus needed more Java developers to work on the project. They were looking for the most cost-effective way to add resources to the team. The tasks to be performed were erratic and the management realized that it would not be wise to hire full time resources.

There was the option to outsource with a US company or bring the work offshore. They were worried about offshore resources, as their previous outsourcing attempts have been unsuccessful. Communication and language barriers were an issue, as well as substandard development skills and practices.


Outsource to a development company in the Philippines

The company started to look offshore for development companies. They researched online to look for Java development companies in different countries, and gathered good feedback about Orange and Bronze from various forums. They reached out to O&B and realized that the communication issues they were initially worried about were non-existent. They were very comfortable speaking with a very articulate team, and they were confident that working with O&B would be a seamless experience.


50% cost savings and on-time delivery of tasks

The company claims that this was a very different outsourcing experience from previous ones they had. The main difference was the type of developers they worked with. They realize that the O&B staff were well-qualified and competently trained. They were impressed with the skills and most importantly, the commitment of each resource to their project. They felt that the offshore team was part of their in-house team. It was an overall pleasant and productive working relationship.

Most importantly, offshore resources would cost a fraction of what US resources will cost. They were able to bring down development costs to 50% by bringing the work to the Philippines.


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