Providing integrated communication and collaboration tools to an IT / BPO company

One of the largest Filipino-owned BPOs partners with Orange and Bronze, a Google Cloud Partner, to migrate 700+ employees from their legacy system to G Suite.

G Suite

Legacy system failed to meet the demand for reliable collaboration tools

The company’s email system needed to be upgraded, while the document processing and communications software were not a good fit for the company’s team-centric environment. They were also experiencing exponential growth in terms of headcount, so they needed a solution that can easily scale with their growing numbers.

The company had been using Lotus Notes for their emails and an open source solution for document processing and spreadsheets. These tools were convenient for them when they were starting out as a small business. However, they were faced with challenges when they experienced exponential growth. In a span of a decade, they grew from 20 employees to 700 strong. This growth posed a challenge for their IT staff - they needed a solution to effectively manage the IT infrastructure and prepare for more staff additions in the coming years.

The company realized they needed to migrate to a reliable and scalable system that can cope with the company’s growth. Along with this realization came the need to modernize the infrastructure - with the advent of mobile technology, the need for accessible, smart, and fast communication was now a requirement, rather than a good-to-have. They knew that in a team-centric working environment housed in different locations, they needed efficient collaboration tools to work seamlessly together.


Google Apps + O&B = the winning equation

O&B had been working with the company as their software training provider. When they were looking to migrate their email system, O&B presented the benefits of Google Apps for Business. The company was initially considering another cloud service, but O&B and Google’s reputation and track record were enough to convince them to “Go Google”.

O&B worked with key people to seamlessly migrate the existing email system to Google without disrupting the ongoing operations. From the discovery and planning, configuration, up until data migration, O&B worked closely with the stakeholders to ensure a seamless switch. O&B also provided user and admin training, as well as change management support to make sure that all 700+ employees transition with ease.


No boundaries to growth

The company’s 700+ employees have successfully migrated to Google Apps with the help of Orange and Bronze. As they are posed for growth, Google Apps would allow them to add more licenses easily without the need to set up complex infrastructures or manage servers. Aside from the convenience, Google Apps provided a reliable and cost-efficient way to communicate and collaborate. Now, employees enjoy the various communication channels available to them, whether it be email, chat or video conferencing. They also have a platform for agility to do things in real time, develop a paperless environment, and build a knowledgebase using the different apps.


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