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Navigating the future of BFSI

Trends and Challenges

The BFSI sector is undergoing rapid transformation, driven by technological innovations and changing customer expectations. In this dynamic landscape, O&B stands as a beacon, guiding institutions through the complexities of digital disruption, regulatory changes, and competitive pressures.

O&B's Commitment

At O&B, we understand that the traditional models of banking and insurance are evolving. Our commitment lies in partnering with BFSI clients to embrace these changes, unlocking new opportunities for growth and efficiency.

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Depth of Experience

O&B's expertise in the BFSI sector is rooted in our deep understanding of financial markets and regulatory landscapes. Our team, comprised of industry veterans and innovative thinkers, brings a unique blend of traditional financial acumen and digital savvy.

Innovative Approach

We approach each challenge with a fresh perspective, integrating cutting-edge technology with time-tested financial principles. Our solutions are designed to be not only robust and compliant but also agile and forward-thinking, preparing our clients for the challenges of tomorrow.

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Digital Transformation

In the digital era, BFSI institutions must innovate to stay relevant. O&B assists in leveraging technology such as AI, blockchain, and data analytics to enhance operational efficiency, customer engagement, and cybersecurity.

Risk Management and Compliance

The ever-changing regulatory environment demands vigilant compliance and sophisticated risk management strategies. O&B provides comprehensive risk assessments, compliance advisory, and strategies to mitigate financial, operational, and cybersecurity risks.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Strategic M&As are pivotal for growth in the BFSI sector. O&B offers expert guidance in identifying opportunities, due diligence, and post-merger integrations, ensuring seamless transactions and value creation.

Innovation in Financial Products

The evolving market landscape requires innovative financial products. O&B aids in designing and launching novel offerings that meet emerging customer needs and regulatory requirements, driving growth and customer loyalty.

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Integrating Technology with Traditional Finance

Blending Innovation with Tradition

At O&B, we excel in marrying technological innovation with traditional financial services. This approach allows us to create solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also deeply rooted in sound financial principles.

Sustainability and Responsibility

In every engagement, we emphasize sustainable and socially responsible practices. This focus ensures that our BFSI clients not only achieve financial success but also contribute positively to society and the environment.


Meet our Banking & Financial Services Team

Mark Forsyth
Mark Forsyth
Managing Partner, Alamat Capital
Strategy & Corporate Finance Director, O&B
Adam Breen
Adam Breen
Chief Executive Officer, O&B
Senior Partner, Alamat Capital
Benedict Dy
Insurance & Health Tech, Innovation
Elross Pangue
Fintech, Open Banking, Lean Startup