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At O&B, our Risk & Resilience services are tailored to integrate seamlessly with your organization's corporate strategy.

We focus on robust risk management, aligning closely with governance and digital transformation initiatives.

Our services offer a strategic blend of risk assessment, cybersecurity, and continuity planning, designed to ensure resilience in today's dynamic business landscape.

— Brady Hiscox, CISO, O&B

Risk assessment

For C-suite and senior leaders, understanding and managing risk is fundamental to the success and sustainability of your organization. O&B's risk assessment services focus on:

  • Comprehensive Risk Profiling: Conduct in-depth analyses of both internal and external environments to identify potential risks, including strategic, operational, financial, and compliance risks.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Provide critical insights to support strategic planning and decision-making processes, ensuring that risks are understood and appropriately managed.
  • Alignment with Corporate Strategy: Ensure that risk assessment is integrated with your organization's overall strategic goals, helping to safeguard long-term objectives and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Our risk assessment process identifies both internal and external vulnerabilities, forming the foundation for a strategic risk management plan. This process includes detailed Threat Reconnaissance and PII Exposure Audits, which are vital for informed decision-making and strategy formulation. These assessments are crucial in developing a comprehensive understanding of potential risks, enabling organizations to plan effectively and mitigate threats.

Our approach equips your leaders with the necessary tools and insights to navigate uncertainties effectively, positioning your organization for resilient growth.


Cybersecurity is a critical aspect of safeguarding your organization’s strategic interests. Our services are designed to:

  • Advanced Threat Protection: Employ comprehensive security audits and vulnerability and penetration assessments (VAPT) to identify and mitigate potential cyber threats. We employ ethical hacking methods and continuous monitoring to provide a robust defense against cybersecurity threats, ensuring the safety and integrity of your digital infrastructure.
  • Strategic Risk Management: Integrate cybersecurity measures into your broader risk management strategy, ensuring protection aligns with your business objectives.
  • Leadership in Digital Security: Equip your leadership with the insights and tools necessary to navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape, fostering a culture of security awareness throughout the organization.

Our cybersecurity services provide not only technical solutions but also strategic guidance, ensuring your organization's digital assets are robustly protected against evolving cyber threats.

businesS continuity

For corporate boards, C-Suite and senior leaders, business continuity is not just about risk mitigation; it's a strategic imperative for maintaining operational stability and safeguarding your organization's reputation. At O&B, our business continuity planning focuses on:

  • Strategic Risk Management: Identifying and planning for potential disruptions, from cyberattacks to natural disasters, ensuring your operations can continue seamlessly.
  • Resilience Building: Developing robust strategies to minimize operational impact during unforeseen incidents and ensuring rapid recovery.
  • Alignment with Business Objectives: Ensuring that continuity plans are in sync with your overall business goals, contributing to the long-term stability and growth of your organization.

Our approach ensures that you are prepared for any eventuality, maintaining customer confidence and operational integrity even in the face of challenges.

Data privacy

Data privacy is a critical component of our services. We help clients ensure compliance with global and local data protection regulations, and implement strategies to maintain data integrity, confidentiality, and secure access. Our data privacy solutions are designed to safeguard sensitive information, aligning with international standards and best practices.

Disaster recovery

Our Disaster Recovery services focus on the rapid restoration of IT infrastructure and critical business functions. We plan and test disaster recovery procedures to ensure a quick resumption of business operations following any disruptive events.

Managed security operations centre (Msoc)

O&B's Managed Security Operations Centre (MSOC) is a strategic asset for leaders seeking to ensure comprehensive security across their organization. Our MSOC offers vigilant monitoring of various aspects:

  • CCTV Monitoring: Includes surveillance of physical locations like data centers and server rooms, crucial for detecting and responding to physical intrusions.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Sensor Monitoring: Covers a range of smart devices, from building automation to smart metering and indoor air quality monitoring, ensuring the integrity and security of IoT networks.
  • Network Intrusion Monitoring: Vigilant monitoring of network traffic to detect and respond to cyber threats, safeguarding your critical digital infrastructure.
  • Critical Infrastructure Upkeep: Regular monitoring and maintenance of essential infrastructure components, ensuring they remain secure and operational.

Our MSOC provides corporate boards, C-Suite, security leaders, and IT leaders with the assurance that all critical security aspects, both physical and digital, are under continuous surveillance, offering a robust defense against a variety of threats.

business transformation

Integrating risk management into business transformation and change management is a key aspect of our services. We align risk mitigation strategies with corporate governance, and broader business objectives, ensuring that transformation goals are met with a focus on security and resilience.

additional services

  • Four Key Stages to Elevate Your Organization’s Security: Including Threat Reconnaissance, Comprehensive Audit, Mitigation & Remediation, Stabilization, and Maintenance phases​​.
  • Crisis Response Protocols: Development and implementation of effective crisis response and disaster recovery protocols​​.
  • Cyclical Audits and Talent Management: Conducting regular audits and providing training to staff members for ongoing security maintenance​​.
  • CISO-as-a-Service: Providing strategic guidance and oversight to strengthen the organization's security posture​​.

Meet our Risk & Resilience Team

Brady Hiscox
Chief Information Security Officer
Data Privacy Officer
Adam Breen
Adam Breen
Chief Executive Officer, O&B
Senior Partner, Alamat Capital