Business Transformation

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Mike Grogan

Business Transformation is about creating enduring change.

By customizing our strategies to align with local cultures and organizational contexts, particularly in diverse markets like Asia, we ensure that the transformation is not only effective but sustainable.

Through O&B's partnership with Kaizen Leadership Asia, we ADAPT CHANGE programs to be "culture appropriate", ensuring that changes in engagement and productivity are lasting and impactful.

— Mike Grogan, Change Principal, CEO Kaizen Leadership Asia

Sustainable Agility

At the heart of our strategy is sustainable agility. We aim to instill a continuous improvement culture that sustains long after our engagement, developing high-performing habits and mindsets within the workforce. Our approach is mindful of local cultural norms and organizational dynamics, ensuring effective and lasting improvements.

Change management

Our method combines scientific approaches with Lean Management principles, tailoring each strategy to the organization’s unique needs.

We guide leaders and teams to unlearn traditional practices that inhibit progress, fostering a culture of high-performance and continuous improvement.

Our Leaders program includes behavioural science tactics, education, targeted coaching, and leadership tools to inspire and mobilize the workforce.

Our Teams program puts employees at the center of change, engaging them transparently in real-time. 

Our Sustainable Agility project structure ensures the impact and logistics of these change programs are managed effectively.

This three-pronged approach ensures rapid and sustainable change, with an embedded mindset of continuous improvement.

security & Compliance

Change management is intricately linked with behavioral science. Our approach is data-driven and informed by neuroscience, behavioral economics, and psychology. We study and diagnose human behavior, design behavioral solutions, and build "nudge units" within organizations to foster sustainable change.

This method is vital when integrating security and compliance into organizational culture, ensuring these critical aspects are deeply embedded and sustained in daily operations.

We emphasize an environment where transparency, ownership, and accountability are encouraged and aligned with these cultural norms, ensuring seamless and sustainable transformations.