better community, better planet


At O&B, our mission extends beyond the realm of business excellence. We are committed to creating a positive impact in every community we touch. Our core values of innovation, integrity, and inclusivity guide us as we expand our footprint from the Philippines to Vietnam and beyond.

Embracing Stakeholder Capitalism, we recognize that success is measured not just in financial terms, but also by our positive contributions to society, the environment, and all stakeholders involved in our business

Empowering communities

We believe in giving back to the communities where we operate. Our focus is on empowering financially and educationally excluded individuals, providing them with opportunities to thrive in today's digital world. We engage in various initiatives aimed at enhancing access to education and financial services, recognizing that these are crucial stepping stones towards inclusive growth. Following the Stakeholder Capitalism model, we view our community initiatives as integral to our business strategy, not as separate philanthropic efforts.


We recognize that talent and ambition are universally distributed, but opportunities are not. Across ASEAN,  economic and educational disparities are significant. We see computer science as an equalizer – a career path where humble beginnings are not a barrier to success. Our aim is to leverage this field to provide underprivileged individuals with a ladder to climb out of their circumstances, transforming not just individual lives but entire communities.


At the heart of our social responsibility is a deep commitment to education. We open our doors to faculty, offering free training and resources, knowing that empowered educators mean empowered students. Our partnerships with academic institutions and our outreach programs, particularly in regions like Mindanao, are designed to ignite a passion for learning and innovation in computer science.


As pioneers in Agile and advanced software methodologies since 2005, we don't just teach technology; we teach the future. Our educational initiatives are not just about imparting skills but about instilling a mindset of continuous learning and adaptation – qualities essential for thriving in the ever-evolving tech landscape.


Our involvement in shaping educational policies reflects our commitment to systemic change. By advising bodies like TESDA and CHED in the Philippines, we contribute to creating curricula that are relevant, comprehensive, and accessible, ensuring that the next generation of IT professionals is well-equipped to lead and innovate.


We pledge to continue being a catalyst for positive change, using our expertise and resources to make  education accessible, inclusive, and impactful. At O&B, we don't just create software; we create opportunities, empower communities, and build a better future through education."

At O&B, your success isn't just a goal; it's our shared commitment. Be part of a dynamic space where your skills are honed, and your contributions make a lasting impact. Together, we shape the future of software development and foster a community of continuous learning, unwavering commitment, and innovation.

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