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Since our inception in 2005, Orange & Bronze Software Labs has architected and built huge mission-critical systems, many handling millions of daily transactions for multibillion-dollar companies all over the world.

We have also built creative new products for ambitious startups all over the world, keeping up with their rapid changes in requirements. We are fanatical about enterprise design best practices, and Agile Software Development.

For more than 18 years, O&B has grown a deep bench, full of seasoned software engineers and software, systems and security architects.

Our primary focus is delivering real-world business value, not just in terms of ROI, but in measurable, truly strategic business outcomes as well as execution velocity.

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O&B first started offering Java development training in 2005. Today, we proudly deliver a fully comprehensive Java curriculum, ranging from Java Fundamentals through to Enterprise Java Best Practices, and a range of Spring Framework training, including microservices development with Spring Cloud.

We were the first to provide professional Agile training in the Philiippines, covering eXtreme Programming (XP) as well as Agile delivery methodologies (Scrum and Kanban).

In 2011, we partnered with the academic community through the Philippine Software Industry Association and national Commission on Higher Education. Our Chief Scientist and head instructor, Calen Legaspi still annually reviews the Computer Science curriculum of many universities across the Philippines.
Our training catalogue features more than 30 courses, including Agile, DevOps, Java and React Software Development, Application Security, Data/Network Security, and Relational Databases (RDMBS).

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Sustainable Agility

O&B has promoted pragmatic Agile practices since 2005. As a consultancy
business, our approach to Agile training is pragmatic, not theoretical.

It is not just a discussion of one methodology or another, but an analysis of why projects succeed or fail, and which practices can address specific issues.

We go beyond what is written in books and articles, and leverage our own
real-world consulting and enterprise-grade software engineering experience.

We have espoused Agile Engineering from our very beginning.
It is a point of pride for each of our teams to keep their codebases near-defect- free and deployable, not just at the end of each sprint, but at any given time.

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Capacity Building

Coaching & Advisory

As a complement to our training programs and consulting, Orange & Bronze provides professional services to firms already engaged in software development, to help improve their practices, and help their management teams make better business decisions with respect to technology strategy.

These services include Agile coaching, Enterprise Architecture review, Enterprise Maturity Model Assessments, Process and Architecture Review, and Performance & Scalability tuning.


Industry & Government Partnership

O&B bridges the industry-academia gap by partnering with industry and government associations.

We have partnered with the Philippine Software Industry Association and the Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators, to deliver free training and enablement workshop to IT educators.

Through this training, we are upskilling a core community of educators who can better prepare their students for the real world.


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Security Audit

Our comprehensive security audits evaluate the physical, network, and software aspects of your infrastructure to ensure robust protection.


We employ ethical testing methods to uncover vulnerabilities and enhance your defenses through rigorous analysis.


Our customized plans and solutions ensure business resilience during disruptions, safeguarding operations and reputation.

Meet Our Leaders

Adam Breen
Chief Executive Officer
Calen Legaspi
Chief Scientist, Founder & Board Chairman
Mark Forsyth
Strategic Advisor to the Board
Brady Hiscox
Chief Information Security Officer